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We are currently building the web stock and adding items daily. We carry a variety of unique items as well as stock items. Many items will be one of a kind that will not be restocked after their purchase. We also have a local store located in Moyock, NC, where you are more than welcome to stop by on your way to the Outer Banks. Some items we carry will not be on the web such as ammo, some knives, and hard to ship items. Questions? Email us at moyockmilitarysurplus@gmail.com and we will reply asap.

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    A.L.I.C.E. or Belt Clips Canteen Plastic 1 Quart Emergency Trauma Dressing 6" x 12" x 12" x 70" Sealed in Vapor Package
    A.L.I.C.E. or Belt Clips Canteen Plastic 1 QuartEmergency Trauma Dressing

    A.L.I.C.E (All Purpose Lightweight Carrying Equipment) clip. Used to secure pouches and other items to a cartridge belt. Generally used with the older 782 military issue. 

    1 Quart US Military Issue Canteen. Olive Drab. Standard issue to todays Military. NBC capped. Combine with a 1 quart canteen cover and ALICE clips to attach to an equipment belt/backpack.

    Emergency trauma battle dressing. Measures 6 x 12 x 12 x 70 inches. Made by North American Rescue Incorporated. Self explainitory instructions on back. New condition sealed airtight pouch. Has no expiration date visible.




    Survival/Cobra Bracelets 9mm Mag pouch Canteen Cup Metal 1 Quart
    Survival/Cobra BraceletsMag Pouch 9mmCanteen Cup Metal 1 Quart

    US CUSTOM made paracord survival bracelets complete with one or two colors and buckle of choice. Sizes vary on wrist size. To measure size: circle wrist and one finger with a flexible ruler tape then ADD 1 INCH TO YOUR TOTAL. Example in "Click to...

    Military Issue 9mm magazine pouch. Holds 1-15 round clips or equivalent. The US Military used these for standard issue 9mm Barretta pistol mags. New condition and comes with ALICE clips as shown in picture.

    Full Metal US Military Issue Canteen Cup (Current Issue). Durable wire style handles. Fire and heat proof. Holds approximately 1/2 quart of liquid and fits over base of a 1 qt canteen allowing storage with canteen pouch together.




    Carry Strap/Sling
    Carry Strap/Sling

    Olive drab in color. Commonly used in the military as a carry strap for a 2 quart canteen, side bag or satchel. Adjustable from 27 to 45 inches long and they are 2 inches wide. Made of durable 2 inch flat webbing. A clip is at both ends for easy...


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