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Glow Cord! US Navy Seal Decal Sticker MR Woodland Top (Medium Regular) NEW
Glow Cord!US Navy Seal Decal StickerMR Woodland Top (Medium Regular) NEW
Glow in the dark cord! 7-strand comes in 25, 50 & 100ft lengths. 4-strand comes in a 100ft length. Micro cord comes in a roll of 125ft, and the smallest of all, Nano cord comes in a 300ft roll. Price varies with choices. Currently in stock:...

3.5 inch x 6 inch Decal of the US Navy Seal.

NEW!!! Woodland camo medium regular utility top. 50% nylon/50% cotton. Fits height 67 to 71 inches & chest 37 to 41 inches. Looks awesome!




7-strand Paracord (550/7) Size 10JR Women's US Navy Cracker Jack Jumper Water Desalinator
7-strand Paracord (550/7)Size 10JR Women's US Navy Cracker Jack JumperWater Desalinator

Traditional 550 strength/7-strand paracord. Color examples in "Click to Enlarge". Price varies depending on length.

US Navy Women's Uniform Shirt. DSCP Quarterdeck collection. Sailor's cracker jack jumper. Size 10JR. Bust Circ: 36. Hip Circ: 36 1/2. Height 63 1/2 to 67".

Water Desalinator. Pump to remove salt from ocean water for drinking. Measures 25 in x 12 in. Previously been opened and tested with freshwater.




Confederate Flag Decal Magnet 3M Peltor PTT Handset Mic FL5601-02 30 Round Magazine Pouch M-16/AR-15
Confederate Flag Decal Magnet3M Peltor PTT Handset Mic FL5601-0230 Round Magazine Pouch M-16/AR-15

7in x 5in Confederate flag decal magnet. Brand new, made in USA.

3M Peltor PTT AN/VIC-3 Bail Out Connection Adapter FL5601-02. Compatible with RC148, MBITR, PRC117, & PRC-150 radios. Usually priced $200-$350. Issued, new condition. Not in box.

M-16/AR-15 magazine pouch. US Military Issue. Olive drab. Issued pre-2000. Still being used currently in military units. Holds 3 30 Round magazines. Cover might have markings with names or unit designation from prior use from DOD. All items are...




ACU Digital Camo Pillow Blue Accessory Pouch
ACU Digital Camo PillowBlue Accessory Pouch

Air Force digital camo BIVY pillow. New. Approxamately 6 x 10 inches. 100% polyester fiberfill. Good for sleeping bags, camping, hunting. Made in USA.

Blue accessory pouch with belt loop attach and snaps. Can be put on a backpack. Outer & inner pouches. Very handy!



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